Body Treatments

Our unique body treatments focus on skin care and conditioning leaving you relaxed, and your skin soft and refreshed.

Aromatic Salt Infusion - 60 minutes


Reinvigorate your skin’s wholesome,
healthy glow and experience the bright aroma of your choice. Choose
from French Lavender, Orange Peel, Almond Butter or Coconut
Cream. Mineralized dead sea salts are blended with your custom oil
and are gently massaged over the entire body. Our salt glow cleanses,
exfoliates and invigorates the skin using light circular movements,
leaving the skin new and refreshed. 60 minutes

Price: $90.00

Executive Seaweed Detox Masque - 90 minutes


Reintroduce balance to the body,
mind and skin in this full body treatment. Beneficial for
exfoliation, circulation, skin tone or pure relaxation. Begin with a
body polish, then warm seaweed along with essential oils are applied
to the entire body as you are gently wrapped, allowing effective
penetration of the plant’s vital nutrients. Seaweed, rich in trace
elements, cleanses and hydrates, while drawing toxins and impurities
from the skin. This celestial service concludes with a warm
soothing shower, and nourishing body lotion. 90 minutes

Price: $125.00

Back Facial - 75 minutes


This often overlooked area of the body’s torso
appreciates special care also. Reward it in this luxurious-cleansingmoisturizing
and revitalizing treatment. 75 minutes

Price: $90.00

Sun Glow - 60 minutes


Begin with an invigorating exfoliating body polish, followed
by a soothing shower, finished with an application of our selftanning
lotion, for a safe golden glow. Includes a bottle of self-tan to
continue the look for weeks to come. 60 minutes

Price: $90.00

Exfoliation Therapy - 55 minutes


This unique treatment combines massage
therapy and skin cleansing. Begin with an exfoliation on the back, an
area that's difficult to reach and deserves attention, followed by a
massage performed by our licensed therapists focused on the back,
neck and shoulders. 55 minutes

Price: $95.00